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Welcome to the Vintro-Media website

Vintro-Media is born from a hobby and passion for audio equipment. Vintro-Media always has a varying offering, with almost every day new equipment! We always have plenty in stock, in different price ranges. We are known for our low prices and a large variety of equipment starting from a few bucks. Also for the higher models and the expensive brands, you can come to us.

The bulk of our supply comes from the 70, 80 and 90. These years are regarded as top years for audio equipment. We have equipment that can be considered as real vintage equipment, but also more modern that can get along fine, for example amplifiers with surround capability and digital inputs or HDMI.

In short, we always have plenty of choice and variety. Vintro-Media is always accessible via email for questions or interest. By appointment you can come to see our current offering and to choose something of your liking. We ship equipment on a daily base, so if you do not live near ordering is no problem. This also applies to customers outside the Netherlands, shipping to other countries is also possible.

If you have unused equipment, either in good condition or defective, you can sell it to us. You are not obliged to purchase anything at us. This can be done with individual pieces or in lots.

Harman Kardon AVR 235 Amplifier / Receiver
Harman Kardon

AVR 235

70 Watt

440 x 165 x 382 mm

14 kg

Speaker system


€ 150,-

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